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 Feature Articles - Final Draft

Final Draft is an indispensable tool for screenwriters. It has become the industry standard. The controls and features are intuitive and very flexable. Formatting, revisions, script reports - all are easily handled.

100% Cross-Platform Compatibility

Scripts appear identical on Windows and Macintosh. Writers can move between both platforms with ease. Designed for Mac OS X and Windows XP - It takes full advantage of the newsest operating systems offered by Apple and Microsoft. Final Draft also works with Vista.

Formatting and Pagination

Commands and keystrokes match completely. Beneath the surface of Final Draft is a powerful word-processor with all the Font, Style, Size and Alignment control you have come to expect from standard word-processors.

To make entering text as easy as popssible, the Tab and Enter/Return keys are used to preform most of the formatting functions specific to writing scripts. These two keys provide all you need to quickly and easily enter a script in the correct format.

Scripts created in other word-processing programs(such as Microsoft Word) can easily be transformed in to professionally formatted scripts without retyping the original text.

Script Templates

Final Draft is used for T.V, Film and Plays. Every T.V Show has its own format and Final Draft gives you dozens of templates so you can write your spec script in the format the shows expect.

Save scripts to PDF format and share your script with anyone, anywhere whether they have Final Draft or not.


Have your script read back to you with the help of TTS (Text To Speach). Assign different character voices to your script.


Save time with SmartType. Enter the first letters of a character, location or scene and let Final Draft do the rest. Mores and Continues are automatically added to pages giving you more time to think of your writing.

The script can be used and viewed in different pannels. Final Draft has the option to uses a split screen to view the script, index cards and other information so you don't have to chop and change working screens.


Allows you to work with a partner or partners on the same script and chat in real time over the internet with 100% cross-platform compatibility.

Feature is on hand for any answers to your questions should you get stuck at any point during your creative experience.

Format Assistant

Checks for missing dialogue, extra spaces, blank elements or any other errors. Script Notes contain notes or suggestions in a pop-up window and don't take up any space on your script document. They can be added and accessed at a click of the mouse.

Bookmarks and Placeholders

Can be added so you can easily and quickly jump from one section to another.


Final Draft has a 120,000 word built in spell checker

Production notes can be added to finished scripts.

24 hour support is always at hand for any question you may have.

All in all, if you want to write a professional screenplay for T.V, film or theatre and be taken seriously amoungst the big guns in Hollywood then Final Draft is the only writing software you need.

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